Xbox 360 getting hot under the collar?

Posted: November 27, 2005 in Gaming


Rumours that the brand new Xbox 360 is crashing are flying thick and fast. Microsoft has quickly assured the community that it is only a small number of isolated incidents which is definitely not growing to grow into a globe spanning plague of defunct next-gen consoles. Even so there are quite a few convincing complaints and our sister-blog, Games Digest, reckons it has found the source of the problem. It seems that the beloved 360 needs a little space for ventilation otherwise it overheats and dies. Fortunately, I don’t reckon that overheating will be much of an issue with the weather forecasts I’ve heard for this winter, but let’s hope that, if there is a problem, Microsoft gets it fixed before summer…

  1. ‘ccording to me microsoft new beast is going cold. Now, I believe in stats and by just diging into lil’ bit of web you will find the so called 360 is a dwarf compared the sony’s Brain child PS3 ( In fact, it’s powerful enough to perform 218 GFLOPS) . Yes,yes i know it is not lauched ‘nd all, but what I saw here [] was something straight from heaven. I dont know but the games I saw on the net on the 360 platform were not so next gen as I thought.
    Well, what can I say as i am Mr. I hate bill gates and a PS3 i love you guy. The final stas that count are the sales when both the Machines hit the market. That would be the real clash of the titans. Hope for the best……

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